COVID 19 and onshore visa expiry

COVID 19 and Australian Immigration

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Visa holders onshore

Visitor Visas:

The Migration Laws for being onshore without a valid visa are unchanged and are unlikely to change.

If you are onshore with a visa expiry date approaching and cannot travel home, you can apply for a subclass 600 onshore visitor visa. See:

If your current visa is subject to a ‘No Further Stay’ condition (8503, 8534 and 8535), DHA has placed extra resources to processing No Further Stay waiver requests. A No Further Stay waiver request is made using Form 1447 and emailing it to

Visa expired?

Bridging Visa E:

If you are onshore and without a valid visa, you are an ‘unlawful non-citizen’. If your visa has expired onshore, you can apply for a Bridging Visa E. See:

The Bridging Visa E can be applied for in ImmiAccount. You will not be permitted to work on a Bridging Visa E. Requesting permission to work is a separate application

Typically, you will be permitted to present at an Australian Airport for international travel as an unlawful non-citizen up to 28 days after expiry of last visa without sanction.

Typically, the Bridging Visa E is granted for the purposes of making arrangements to travel to home country or to await the outcome of a visa application or Merits or Judicial Review application.

You cannot apply for another visa while on a BVE.

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